BlackMagic Cinema Camera 6K | BMPCC 4K|PRO| TO ARRI LOOK

(3 customer reviews)

BlackMagic Cinema Camera 6K | BMPCC 4K|PRO| TO ARRI LOOK

Creator: Static Motion
(3 customer reviews)

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How to use my LUTs

Hello Filmmakers!

Let me introduce you updated version fo Arri LUT v.2 for BMPCC4k 6k Pro. With even more better highlight roll-off. But you can still use ver.1 if you prefer it more.

I divided the look into 2 steps. 1. sensor matching -> 2. applying look ,  which gives even better highlight roll- off

How does it work


In this package you will find 2 LUTs custom created by Static Motion.

The first of them is the most film-like appearance while maintaining the characteristic roll-off and dynamic range. It maintains the skin’s natural color with a look that is known from arri alexa cameras.

It doesn’t require too much. I prepared it so that after aplying to footage recorded in a flat profile or b-raw  looks good right away. You can add some contrast or saturation but it’s on your side. BMP46KArri_FILM  has saturated red and film blue and green shade.

The second LUT is the same feeling more natural when you want to play with a more aggressive color grading. BMP46KArri_Natural o color cast simply classic color space ARRI ALEXA.

If you are recording in BRAW format, you can set color space as Blackmagic Design and gamma as Blackmagic Design film. Both GEN 4 or GEN 5


These LUTs work in Final Cut Pro X as well as in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and DaVinci Resolve.

Sample Images by Chris Watkins  and Blackmagic

Additional information


Personal, Commercial, Extended

3 reviews for BlackMagic Cinema Camera 6K | BMPCC 4K|PRO| TO ARRI LOOK

  1. Matthew Farman (verified owner)

    Strong recommend from me! Rich, considered and well developed LUT that is better than a lot of the quicker ARRI-like ones I’ve used before. Works on ProRes and .BRAW nicely across my BMPCC 4K & 6K. IMHO worth the price. Thanks!

  2. Brian Petersen (verified owner)

    Only just bought it, but even after a couple hours of playing with the LUTs on my BMPCC 4k footage I’m very impressed. You are immediately at a point that would take hours if not days to get to if you were working without it. Very excited about how I am going to use this.

  3. Simeon Hela (verified owner)

    Totally worth it! A big fan of the filmic one.

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1 comment for BlackMagic Cinema Camera 6K | BMPCC 4K|PRO| TO ARRI LOOK

  1. Jack Patmore

    Do I need to get my BRAW footage to REC.709 before applying the LUT or can I simply apply the LUT directly to the BRAW footage?

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